The Hall-Voyer Foundation

The Hall-Voyer Foundation is a private non-profit foundation that operates the Honey Grove Library and Learning Center and the three buildings on the east side of the square in Honey Grove.  The Foundation received its non-profit status in 1940 as the David Graham Hall Foundation.  The name was changed in 1984 to honor Dr. Hall and Richard Voyer – the two men who have had the most impact on the Foundation’s history.

The Foundation is non-grant making – all funds it receives goes to its mission:

The Mission of the Hall-Voyer Foundation is to preserve and enhance the assets of The Foundation in order to provide funding for the operation of the Honey Grove Library and Learning Center and such other programs that the board may from time to time authorize.  In addition, The Foundation will provide funding for and management of the other physical facilities owned or operated by The Foundation.

The Foundation is governed by a board that meets the 3rd Thursday of the 2nd month of each quarter.  Contact The Foundation offices at 903-378-2207 or for exact meeting dates and times or for more information about The Foundation.