Reader's Advisory

 Looking for book recommendations? News about the latest bestsellers? Want to peruse the latest headlines?

Overdrive   EBOOKS AND AUDIOBOOK DOWNLOADS – login and search through the library’s catalog or access from this link.  For help setting up your device  or for help with downloads – call or email the library.   


Goodreads  Looking for book recommendations? News about the latest bestsellers? Want to see what others are reading and their reviews – GoodReads is for you.
Titles of Note  book recommendations from BookRiot, reading life tips, book news, and general literary chatter. Read on, Rioters.  
New York Times Bestseller List     Authoritatively ranked lists of books sold in the United States, sorted by format and genre.    
Fantastic Fiction   Fantastic Fiction is a great website when you want to look up an author’s collection of books, and it even lists the books of a series in order. You don’t have to worry that you’re missing a book in the series, or that you’re going out of order, and the website even lists new books being released by the author.             
Literature Map  Literature Map is not only helpful, but it is a lot of fun to play with.  Type in an author’s name and the website generates a web of other authors that have similar writing styles and genres. The closer the author’s name is to another, the more alike the authors are. This can be a great tool to use for help in finding a new author to follow, or to help find similar books for someone to try. Unfortunately, the site only recommends authors and not books, so even though the writing may be similar, that doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re going to be similar in the way you want.     
What Should I Read Next  What Should I Read Next analyzes the favorites list of all their members in order to recommend the best next read for any book. You can either just get a book recommendation for free by going to their main page and choosing a book title, and it will provide you a list of titles that others who have favorite it have also read. Or, you can join for free and build your own list of favorites to add to their extensive database. The analysis based on reader’s lists is surprisingly good, but book recommendations is pretty much all this website offers.   
Your Next Read   provides book recommendations in two ways, and you can sign up and crate you own “Map” of books. To find book recommendations, you can either browse reading lists, or you can type in a title, and a web of 8 other books will appear (as well as Amazon reviews about the book you searched for). You can then click on another book in the web and 8 more books will show up based on the book you just clicked. You can also offer up recommendations of your own.                 
Library Thing   Library Thing is a social cataloging service so that you can store and access your personal library’s metadata (the metadata is imported from other libraries and Amazon stores). You can share and connect with others who share your tastes and the site will even recommend books based on your library. While this is a very in-depth system with lots of great features, it does require a lot of time and commitment.